Tall Beers & Short Shorts

The Pacific Northwest is an incredibly culturally rich region. We have a proud tradition of creative expression and our film community is no exception. It is as rich and diverse as our ecosystem and our economy.

Tall Beers and Short Shorts strives to maintain this tradition by highlighting the work of short filmmakers from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. Our goal is for films to jump off the screen and engage with the world at large to meet and see exciting people and films by a diverse audience.

Tall Beers and Short Shorts is not a film festival. It is a quarterly screening series to get short films out of theaters and into less expected places. Our intention is to find and foster new audiences for short films and to seek new frontiers to engage our audiences. Our screening series takes places in a different location every quarter, sometimes in bars, sometimes in art spaces.

Our other goal is to bring short films of different styles, genres and production values together. We believe that short films of all kinds deserve to be seen and screening new and established forms of filmmaking back to back provides a deeper context for both.

Please join us. Whether you want to see new short films or if you have a short film that you want to get seen, please come to our screening series, submit a film, and help us celebrate the creativity and passion that we find so abundant in the Pacific Northwest.

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