Past Film Projects

The Mountain, the River and the Road

I was the onset photographer and assistant artistic director for The Mountain, the River and the Road. This film was made with all Seattle crew and traveled down to Kernville, Ca for the bulk of the shooting. This was definitely some of the most fun I’ve had on a film set.

(A brief synopsis)

Jeff (Justin Rice) is a post-college writer whose parents are finally kicking him out of the house. With this in mind, Jeff starts out on a road trip to Austin, TX with his friend, Tom (Joe Swanberg). Tom’s ex-girlfriend intercepts Tom’s paycheck, forcing him to return home while Jeff decides to stay behind in the town of Kernville, CA in hopes that he will be struck with inspiration. After locking himself out of his motel room, Jeff meets Cat (Tipper Newton), a young woman also at a cross roads in her life, who happens to work at the front desk of the motel. Jeff finds excuses to see Cat and romance unexpectedly enters their lives. The two have many adventures and with the impending return of Tom, the continuation of the road trip, and the unshakable burden of responsibility hover as a reminder of how fleeting this romance is. Written and Directed by Michael Harring.

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Ugly (Is a Movie)

This is still a work in progress. I am in the role of Assistant Director, Producer, Photographer, Set Designer, Location Scout and general moral support just to name a few. Definitely a labor of love and am proud of the work that we’ve accomplished so far. 

(A brief synopsis)

In the Winter of 2008, Jason Ryan wrote and directed a film called “Ugly (Is A Movie)”, which was intended to be a feature. We scraped together a small bit of cash which we used to produce about 20 pages of the screenplay, planning on attaining the rest of our budget later. We never finished the project as a feature. Instead, Jason decided to re-work the footage into another film called “The There There”, set in the world of filmmaking. “Ugly (Is a Movie)” will now be a film-within-a-film.

Click here to see an excerpt from Ugly (Is a Movie).